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All Night Long (2020)


The relationship between two best friends is tested as they prepare to compete in a National Dance Competition.

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As an aspiring filmmaker at NYU Tisch with a job in the music industry, I am constantly surrounded by ambition. It’s a quality that wavers between a strength and a flaw, and in excess, I believe that it can result in ultimate failure. For my thesis short film, I want to explore its role between two characters, a dancer (Arthur) and a choreographer (Ben), who are best friends and artistic collaborators with a mutual competitive goal. 


Stocky and inelegant, Ben and Arthur start rehearsing their routine against all odds and despite doubtful audiences in hopes of taking it to Nationals. However, this underdog narrative is not just the duo versus society; here, fragile masculinity and restrained vulnerability are antagonistic forces. I believe these internal conflicts to be caused by a traditionally American upbringing that categorizes hobbies by gender and restricts outlets for self-expression, outputting people like Ben and Arthur who so desperately want to make art but lack the confidence to do it amid societal judgment. To raise the stakes, I’ve decided to age the narrative back to the 1980s, when cultural chaos due to the pop music revolution and AIDS crisis further isolated machismo and effeminacy. The only way for Ben and Arthur to assert their machismo in a stereotypically effeminate art form to a judgmental society is by literally winning - and thus, they set their eyes on a National Dance Competition trophy.

As we watch the duo’s ambition sabotage their own act, we have to wonder, to what extent can true friendship exist in competition? My story aims to surface this universal unease.




Directed and Written by:

Produced by:

Executive Producers:



Associate Producers:



Director of Photography:

1st Assistant Director:

2nd Assistant Director:

Unit Production Manager:

Casting Director:


Key Grip:


1st Assistant Camera:

2nd Assistant Camera:

Streadicam Op:

Sound Mixer:

Production Designer:

Art Director:

Hair and Makeup:

Costume Designer:

Script Supervisor:

Choreography by:

Dance Consultant:

Stunt Performers:

Production Assistants:

Assistant Editor:

Visual Effects Editor:

Visual Effects Supervisor:

Picture Car Driver:

Supervising Sound Editor, Sound: Designer, Re-recording Mixer:

Dialogue/ADR Mixer:

Dialogue Editor:

Foley Artist/Effects Editor:

Foley Engineer:

ADR Engineer:

Young Ben:

Young Arthur:

Nationals Dancer:



TV Reporter:


Noah Mutterperl

Benjamin Gottesman

Mike Klubeck

Heather Vaxer

Annie Swenson

Emily Miller

Simon Geisker

Taylor Martin

Matt Klubeck

Irving Klubeck

Harrison Allen

Noah Mutterperl



Henry Dacosta

Simon Geisker

Felicia Sobhani

Audrey Roh

Kameron Mills

Josh Charow

Idil Eryürekli

Emmet Luciano

Taylor Bissey

Matt Ianoco

Tom Ingwersen

Charlie Hildick-Smith

Francie Zenner

Maxwell Collins

Gabriel Connelly

Derin Eğrikavuk

Matt Kaufman

Hana Kim

Nick Freeman

Sam Stephen

Kristal Salazar

Bria Josephs

Kathryn Aman

Tatum Dorrell

Margarita Herrera

Sarah Nocquet

Haina Zhou

Muhan Wang

Celine Abdallah

Bernie Torres

Jake Casey

Benjy Berkowitz

Effie Ogino

Alex Vega

Timarco Brown

Lavar Hairston

Blessing Ike

George Guy III

Jared Tauber

Kailey Radcliffe

Andrew Henriques

Michael Price

Spencer Rosenfeld

Tom Baylis

Tristian Baylis

Nathan Hasz

Curtis Henderson

Leo Rozenberg

Kathryn Iossa

Nicholas Villa

Chase Keeling

Nicole Truzzi

Kat Iossa

Jody Chang

Stephanie Val

Natalia Lugo Roseann Klubeck

AJ Villa Tyler Catalano

Sarah McFadden Tony Monteleone

Kelsey Abreey Alexis Klubeck

Ryan Villa Addie Dilks

Sophia Adams Kim Kell

Nick Najarian Christine Keeling

Allie Keeling Tony Voros

Gabrielle Iwaszkiewicz Mike Kell

Matt Klubeck Joanne Villa

Jackie Catalano Diane Mazzei

Giovanna Crescenzo Michael Deem

Addie Dilks Diane Mazzei

Dulcie Scott Donald Oldroyd

Paul Cicchini Sarah Layton

Tony Voros La’Quan Corbin

Anthony Cornatzer Sue Cicchini

Lynn Monteleone Gianna Consalo

Samantha Layton Magnolia Jacobs

Sayf Mouhamed Josie Spinelli

Katie Bateman Thalia Cruz

Alexa Buehler Maxwell Collins

Michele Low Jeffrey Tirante

Hope Campbell Alyson Lorence

Additional Cast

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