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I-O (2019)

A lonely man discovers A.I. technology that wants more than what he’s offering.

Production took place in November 2018. Currently undergoing festival submissions.


The film centers around the idea of control, but two different kinds that are embodied by the two characters. Sometimes when you try to force your control over life and certain situations, it can backfire on you. The harder you try for someone to love you, the more you end up driving them away. You have to learn to let go of control and believe more in trust or you’ll never find the happiness you seek. On the opposite, theres the idea of breaking free from control and taking your life into your own hands. It’s not easy since you know the one who controls you cares for you. However, at some point you deserve to do what you want and be who you want to be without worrying about pleasing someone else.




Directed and Written by:

Produced by:

Director of Photography:

Edited by:

Original Score by:

1st Assistant Director:

Producers Assistant:


Key Grip:


1st Assistant Camera:

2nd Assistant Camera:

Sound Mixer:

Sound Designer:

Production Designer:

Art Director:

Hair and Makeup:

Script Supervisor:


Production Assistants:

Catalina Valencia

Alex Scyocurka

Mike Klubeck

Harrison Allen

Madeleine Schumacher

Josh Charow

Kale Radcliffe

Amelia Palmer

Simon Geisker

Sophia Heriveaux

Henry Dacosta

Gavin Koepke

Luis De Jesus
Derin Eğrikavuk

Nick Freeman

Sam Kingston

Ben Heintz

Dylan Prabhu

Kathryn Aman

Tatum Dorrell

Ewurakua Dawson-Amoah

Matilda Sall

Patrick Badescu

Benjy Berkowitz

Colin Sevely-Ortiz

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